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Dear Craigslist,

I adore you, I really do.  Especially your “best of” posts.

But I have some issues with your people.

Why is it so hard to give away something for free?  I have a metal bed frame and box springs.  They’re in my garage.   I have a moral objection to throwing away something that is perfectly good, but it’s been ten days already and it’s still here.

No, I will not help you get the bed frame and box spring to the Shore.  Which is like 2 hours away.

It’s free.  It’s in my garage.  You need to come and get it.   These are the parameters.  So please don’t email me and tell me to call you in three days.  I won’t remember.  If you want the thing, find a way to contact me.  Don’t ask me to hold it for a week for you while you figure out your transportation difficulties.

Did I mention this is free?  A free item.  Free.

If you tell me you’re going to come and get the item, please don’t keep me waiting all that afternoon and then not show up and not answer emails.  Yes, you’re doing me a favor by helping me free up valuable garage space, but let’s work together here, shall we?

Free.  It’s still free, people.

And Tuesday I’m taking it to the curb.  I give up on you.


Trying Freecycle Next

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6 Responses to “dear craigslist”

  1. balconygal Says:

    UGH, this is such a huge sore spot for me right now. I’ve offered you my free and beautiful king size mattress, lovely baby items in fantastic shape and various other items since I’m moving and would like to see said items find a good home. Then you Craigslisters didn’t show up and left me hanging over and over again. And the Freecyclers did the same. Oh, the shame of us all trying to work together to recycle yet failing. I’ve made an appointment at the dump for next week and I’m just going to fill the van up to the top with these goodies. Hopefully the people at the dump will save them and feel so happy that they got such a great deal. And the $15 I spend will be well worth it since it goes back to the city.

  2. Faith Says:

    OMG!!! I could have written this one. Now we take it to a charity drop off if we want it gone. Both CL and FC just chapped me too much to keep trying. Sometimes we have a garage sale and make a lot of cash, but all that work with a Toddler really makes a girl tired.

  3. Kayris Says:

    I listed my old bike on Freecycle and got a whole bunch of emails about it, so I offered it to the first person. Except it takes her a week to get back to me! I’m about to park the thing in front of my house and tell her to come get it. If someone else takes it first, too freaking bad. At least it will be out of my basement.

  4. Baby Island Says:

    Dear Craigslist,

    Frankly I too am done, this relationship has soured. I can’t even get people to pay for good crap let alone give it away. In regard to your personals,this also is a boner of contention. Why are all your men wacko? Whats with all the pictures of peni (thats plural)?

    I would be willing to reconsider our relationship if you could indeed find me a job. A well paying job, thanks.

    “Don’t ask me to sell it to you for 200 dollars cheaper than the orig posted price, do you think I am stupid?”

  5. Monsterbox Says:

    Yeah… I was totally loving my being vulnerable too. Thanks for the comment! ^_^ I’m glad everything worked out well too! Craigslist is an amazing service.

  6. mike Says:

    How about announcing to CL that you’re going to put it on the curb 2 days before garbage day? Around here the ‘pickers’ will find 99% of the good stuff even if you put it out the night before.

    Good luck. Oh, and if you don’t throw it away, hang on to it for me for a few years? One of my kids will maybe, probably need it. Possibly. I’ll let you know. Or maybe you could remind me? Do you have a pocket pc or something that you can put reminders in? Because I don’t. But if you do, you could just set a little (recurring) reminder to ask me about it. Thanks. That would be great.

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