experiments in shattering expectations

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1. I am seeing how dirty I can let the bathroom get before I break down and clean it. Though the concept of “dirty” is relative. (And I will most certainly clean it before Wednesday.)

2. Yesterday my mom used her normal tactic of getting off the phone, which is a “Well, I’m sure you have to cook dinner now….” trailing off uncertainly and with plenty of martyrdom.

My response: “I don’t cook anymore. The kids know where the kitchen is.”

Silence. Looooong silence.

“Are you serious?”

(I was, but only sort of and only once in awhile.)


More silence.

“Okaaaay. Well, I’m sure you have to go now anyway.”

That’ll keep her guessing for awhile.

3. Last night Serena and Eric were running around the house, making a circuit through the livingroom and kitchen. I felt like running so I got up and joined them (Eric is a definite obstacle to making any sort of speed through the circuit).

Serena: “I’ve never see you run in the house before!”

(She doesn’t remember the last house where I played soccer with Nathaniel in the kitchen, which was quite large.)


It’s not easy to move out of the box created by others’ expectations of you, but it’s fun.

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One Response to “experiments in shattering expectations”

  1. Ron Volkman Says:

    OK…I simply LOVE the idea of Karen running a foot race through the house. It sounds a little chaotic and out-of-control. I’m curious how that felt to do that? I’d also suggest getting out the pillows and starting a fight. (I may have to try the running thing!)

    I’d say more, but I’m sure you have to go now….


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