quick! send leeches!

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Eric has Scarlet Fever.

He wasn’t quite himself over the weekend, choosing to nap some and whine a lot. Wasn’t particularly hungry either though he asked for snacks constantly. No fever. I’ve seen sicker. Though he was sporting a nice red rash all over. If this is Scarlet Fever then no biggie. The Ex took him to the doctor today and he was duly swabbed and dosed for strep, and strep + rash = Scarlet Fever.

My throat hurts just writing this.

However! You know I’ve been writing over at Workitmom for awhile, and the whole experience got a lot more fun a few weeks ago when Karen Rani of Karen Sugarpants joined and made us all in awe of her marathon training. I kid you not! I have such a crush now. Though I admit I had to get over the whole “Karen R. and Karen M.” thing. I thought I left that behind in like 4th grade, where there were FOUR Karens in my class and I swore I would rename myself to something better REALLY SOON.

(I am still open to suggestions. Please add yours.)

But hey! Workitmom is celebrating the big Oh-One and there are contests! And prizes! (More appropriately referred to as the Birthday Bash Giveaway!) And did I mention PRIZES??! I’m thrilled to be a part of this great community resource for working women. Really! Go see!

Also: (bad segue? You be the judge) Ass Cork Cat, now known as Blood-Dripping Peeing Apparent Razor Blades In Inappropriate Places Cat, is also on antibiotics. Guess how much fun it is to dose a cat with that?

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7 Responses to “quick! send leeches!”

  1. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    I’m sure Nataly could call me Sugarpants instead! LOL! Thanks for the encouragement, darlin!

  2. Cynzim Says:

    i hope E feels better soon…

    purely about my own mothering concerns: youch… my dtr has been complaining of strong sore throat for days… it finally started to lessen just as it occured to me that strep might not be accompanied by fever. she has had strep before but always with fever.

    scarlett fever! i never hear of kids getting that nowadays. i had it at three. now i have to wiki-wick for more info.

    good health to e and kitty. you sound pretty good for sick boy and sick cat!


  3. Avitable Says:

    I didn’t know that scarlet fever still existed!

  4. lightspring Says:

    I think we may be throwbacks to an earlier time. Or channeling our previous selves.

  5. Cynzim Says:

    i am the past channeling the future – with eczema. ;-))

    seriously, it does sound hard your way. hang in there.

    why did i add eczema?

    oh! maybe subconscious connection to something i learned last yaer:

    people with lifelong eczema (me – mercifully now abated these past ten yaers) have eczema gene… which makes them more vulnerable to staph…

    now what the heck is the connection to strep? staph and strep? lysol!

    you better take care of yourself if you thnk you are getting strep.

    i now feel very badly taht once again i was “minimizer mom” bec. i think my dtr is now recovering from strep. (it only hurts when i yawn or sneeze down from it only hurts when i swallow down from my throat hurts!)

    i think every time my dtr takes swimming lessons – okay, not every time, just these past two times – the petri dish that is the pool where she takes lessons shares its wealth with her. flora fauna youch.

    okay, enough complaining. also i am feeling about cragistlist how you did last week. my poor futon is sitting in the incoming on little cat’s paws creep.



  6. Janine Says:

    Wish you sleep!

  7. Green Flamingo » Blog Archive » Some Devilish Endeavors of My Weekend Says:

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