why i’m typing with one finger

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Let’s just say I have past and leave it at that. Usually it involves Thanksgiving and band-aids and burnt appendages. But not tonight.


Knife + salsa + green onions for salsa + me = experiencing life with part of my finger missing (I saved said part in case anyone is interested in it).  And a surprising amount of blood!  And typing with one finger instead of my customary two.  Amazing how that intensifies the tedium of typing and makes it even less appealing than usual.

Also apparently alcohol does not dull the pain as much as I hoped it might. Not that I would know.

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11 Responses to “why i’m typing with one finger”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Are you sure someone doesn’t have a voodoo doll of you some where? Scarlet Fever and now, a finger!?! I hope your luck and health turn around soon.

  2. Nathaniel Says:

    Dawn, that is a weird idea of the voodoo doll. I guess they do exist, but do they really work? A question to ponder about.

  3. lightspring Says:

    Dawn, I think you’re on to something there. And it would explain where that giant pin came from that’s been sticking out of my eye these past few days. I was wondering about that.

  4. Nathaniel Says:

    Huh huh. Right. Really a pin? Funny I didn’t or don’t at this second see it right now. It may just be a feeling though. We have to track the voodoo goer down. Argh!

  5. lightspring Says:

    Nathaniel, if you make one yourself as an experiment, please don’t make it of me. It’s really inconvenient.

  6. Baby Island Says:

    Ouch that must of hurt. I lost the tip of my index finger when I was little, my brother slammed my finger in a door. I dont remember it but apparently my grandfather carried the tip wrapped in a cigarette wrapper (not so hygienic) to my godfather who happened to be a plastic surgeon (lucky me). 30 years later, I have learned to type and function in the real world without that centimeter of finger tip and the nail that grows their is conveniently called The Talon. Great for hard to get boogers or scaring toddlers.

    Sounds pretty, no?

    Give that finger bit a proper burial or disposal or whatever and embrace your (hand)icap. hahahahaaaa, see how funny I am this am?

  7. Baby Island Says:

    ( Must of?? )
    Who typed my comment? Must Have been my three year old…

  8. Cynzim Says:

    was leech hiding in onion???

  9. lightspring Says:

    Baby: Ooo, The Talon! I like!

    Cyn: Uh, it would have been handy actually if leech was in onion. Less blood to clean up that way. But ugh, must check future onions for leeches and other assorted slimy sluglike creatures. [shudder]

    Funny how I am more grossed out by the thought of a small wettish creature than the fact that I was able to tell which little green-onion-sized bit on the cutting board had once been attached to me (the one that wasn’t green).

  10. Cynzim Says:

    i have horror of knives so please switch to light-hearted topic soon!

    luckily, i have thus far never fainted during an emergency.

    just when i’ve had my blood drawn. 😉

    thank the goddess for adrenaline.

    healing: do it now!


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