a post without mention of knives or disfiguring disease

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With all the other excitement around here lately, I somehow failed to mention The Other Thing I Have Been Doing.

This Other Thing involved nature, a group of wonderful people, and a co-created spiritual weekend.  It was much like last year’s event and yet nothing like it at all:  last year’s Other Thing marked, for me, a huge letting-go of so much, and the beginning of yet another series of huge transformations and transitions that have continued unabated since then.

NOTE:  It’s a funny thing about change.  We tend to think of change as a good thing, like It’s time for a change! or maybe A change will do you good!, and I for one embrace change in theory and in practicality (except when it’s you insisting I change, in which case there is kicking and screaming and general mutterings of resistance).  But we are always in a state of change, and sometimes change has, well…repercussions.  Ones that don’t always feel good to you, or to other people.  We all are catalysts for change both within ourselves and for others, and sometimes It Just Sucks.  Even though in the end it’s all good.  So when I say Yay!  Lots of change this year! I fully acknowledge that that change came replete with interesting repercussions at times for me and for others.

So last year’s event was intentionally a transforming one for me.  I went there open to change, and change I got.

This year my focus was on fine-tuning some of that.  I’m already headed now in a very different direction than I was a year ago, and there are some things I want more of.  So it’ll be interesting to look again in a year and see how that turned out.

And no, I did not ask this time for big change.  I have learned that lesson, thank you.  But change there will still be.

Even if I have to talk like Yoda all year.

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3 Responses to “a post without mention of knives or disfiguring disease”

  1. Nathaniel Says:

    Thank you I do for recognizing the importance in the jedi master Yoda, appreciate that I do. Thoughtful this post was.

  2. Cynzim Says:

    thank you for bloodless post!

    funny “bloodless” has connotation of “withotu courage or life” when your post was about life.

    i, too, have been thinking about constancy of change factor of life.

    all because i am deep in my cranky pants and looking to find what rubs.

    pause for bad joke/pun insinuation.

    heal on.


  3. Baby Island Says:

    It’s in the air here too, I have been crawling my own 4 walls searching for this so called change. Seeking it, like a clean coffee cup first thing in the morning.

    Wonder what it all means. My guess is you have a better handle on that than I do. 🙂

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