because sometimes it’s about knowing when to get the hell out

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I started this blog 6 years ago, having heard something about “weblogs” and feeling the need to jump on that wagon. I posted perhaps twice, already losing impetus to sustain the original intention of the blog which was to record for posterity the stories I told nightly to my children. Although the intention was good, the stories ended soon after and I lacked time/inclination to use this new weblog-thingy for navel-gazing, since introspection was the last thing I could bear in my then-state of denial.

NOTE: While I don’t deny that I could also be in some state of denial about one thing or another at present as well, the denial I was embracing at that long-ago time is something since uncovered that has led to much inward gazing, so I reserve the right to judge myself, at least a little, about having been in that state once.

Fast-forward a few years, to a time when my creativity and emotions were brimming and wanted an outlet. This became it. Into these pages I poured my life: all the messiness and uncertainty, all my hopes and idealism, all my love and my pain.

I’ve been aware, over the past two years here, of a good many of you who read my journey. I think of you as friends, more than friends really, because you’ve dived into my depths with me at times, or ridden my heights. I know too that some of you read because you are looking for something, something to report to someone else or simply something to report, something to use, perhaps, to hurt. I’ve been aware of this. It’s had an effect on me. I’ve spent less energy here of late because I’m less comfortable letting my passions and pain ooze onto a page where it’s not simply embraced for being yet another part of me, another facet to the unending complexity that is me.

And if I no longer find joy in unearthing all the beauty (even the beauty that others find ugly, or twist somehow into ugliness) that is me here in this venue, it’s time to stop.

This is my last post here.

Thank you, ALL OF YOU, for being here and sharing these bits of my life. I shall miss you.



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18 Responses to “because sometimes it’s about knowing when to get the hell out”

  1. Avitable Says:

    Good luck – I’m sorry to hear that some petty, sniping people are keeping you from continuing to blog.

  2. Baby Island Says:

    I don’t understand! Who are these fuckers and let me at em. Seriously.

    Will you still be at Parentricity? Will you still be my friend? Will you still read my blog? Can we create a new anonymous blog for you called, “Not Lion and Magic Boy”, or perhaps “Mind Your Own Bidness Please”..

    I love reading your blog and will actually have to set aside some grieving time for this announcement. I know, I will ask for a moment of silence at my own blog and then open a discussion sbout fuckers who make our blog lives uncomfortable.

    Aren’t I sweet this morning… Don’t be a stranger please.


  3. Ron Volkman Says:

    Bye…….(for now).

    You were here when we (or I) needed you.

    You are loved.

  4. Whit Says:

    I’m sorry to hear it, but I know where to find you 🙂

  5. Diane Says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog occasionally, Karen. Sorry to hear that it’s shutting down. I guess you have to do what’s right for you.

  6. sween Says:


  7. lightspring Says:

    Avitable: meh. Comes with the territory.

    Baby: Awww.

    Ron: You are loved, too!

    Whit: Yes, you know where to find me! See you there.

    Diane: Yep. Oh well!

    Sween: You will miss those horse penis references, won’t you?

  8. Dawn Says:

    Well hell’s bell’s! This sucks, my cat dies this week and now this is your last post! How freaking depressing is that?!? I don’t really think you ever said anything bad that could have been used to hurt others but then again I’m not the gestapo! If you ever do decide to do a secret blog. E-mail me, please! Good luck!

  9. Bree Says:

    Awww, I’m sad. I just found your blog a month or two ago (went back and read every entry) and I felt some sort of connection. I’ll miss your totally unique point of view, your humor, your trips to Ikea (still have to figure out what that is – don’t have one here) and how *real* you seem to be.

    Good luck.

  10. Janine Says:

    Darn, I knew this was comming!
    I had had it with changes lately!
    And you didn’t explain to Bree what IKEA is…
    See ‘ya, Janine

  11. lightspring Says:

    Dawn: Your cat? I’m so sorry. (hug)

    Bree: Ikea is minimal-design Swedish furniture and stuff in a huge warehouse store. You buy everything in flat boxes, take it home in your SUV, and put it together with an Allen wrench. Awesome.

    Also the meatballs.

    Janine: How’d I do with explaining Ikea?

    Oh, and change never ends. Hi!

  12. Nathaniel Says:

    It’ll be sad to see you go, and, after these long years, this blog will no longer exist, and this will be the last comment I ever make, except you will live on in a new location

  13. Bree Says:

    Huh, I’ve not seen one.

    I guess I’ll have to find someone else who’s lived in Boulder so I can lurk on their blog.

    I hope Nathaniel isn’t closing his blog, my son read it and even emailed him about websites.

  14. lightspring Says:

    Bree: You won’t believe this:

  15. Bree Says:

    Ummm, freaky? But I remember this from a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Karen. I do hope you will keep me in mind if you start blogging again somewhere else… you’ve got my blog address and email address.

    Chin up. Keep your eyes on the prize (a better life?) and all my best to you.

  16. LogicalMama Says:


  17. Dawn Says:

    I’ll miss you, hope all goes well for you!

  18. mike Says:

    Gah. Come back some day? Or at least come around now and then? I wish you all the best in your (next) journey.


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